Club Cleaning

A unique ‘add-on’ for your golf event, Club-Clean offer a quick, professional golf club cleaning service for your guests for the day. You will find this a totally exclusive service that golfers really do appreciate. The ultrasonic technology used enables a full set of clubs to be cleaned in a few minutes – golf clubs come up sparking!

The British built first–class equipment uses ultrasonic technology to clean clubs and restore grip tackiness. The machines contain water, which has been treated with a special solution of water–softening, anti-rust and disinfecting agents. This water is then heated to around 36 degrees and that’s when the magic happens.

The machine vibrates at 60,000 cycles/second. This movement is transmitted through the water in sound waves, causing tiny bubbles to form on the club and grip. The bubbles then implode, during a process called cavitation, which blasts the dirt off your equipment.The whole process is over in a matter of minutes, leaving your clubs clean and revitalized.

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